How much it costs to carbon offset BA flights from the Middle East to London

How much it costs to carbon offset BA flights from the Middle East to London

British Airways has become the first airline to offset carbon emissions on all its domestic flights within the United Kingdom, but passengers flying from Dubai can use the airline’s carbon offset tool, with the price of offsetting a seat in economy to Heathrow costing from $1.14.

The policy was introduced from January 1 and is part of BA’s commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Alex Cruz, BA’s chairman and CEO, said: “We know that air travel continues to grow, but we also know that our future has to be sustainable. Solving the complex issue of climate change requires a multifaceted response, and offsetting emissions on all flights within the UK is just one step that we are adopting to reduce our environmental impact while more solutions to decarbonise are found. Our emissions reductions projects are carefully chosen to ensure they are proven and deliver real carbon emissions reductions as well as economic, social and environmental benefits.”

Passengers flying on international flights outside the UK can avail of BA’s carbon offsetting tool, which is operated through a partnership with the not-for-profit charity Pure Leapfrog.

Using the tool, passengers enter their flight details and can choose from a variety of carbon offsetting programs, such as forest protection in Peru or Cambodia and sustainable cooking stoves in Sudan.

For a return economy flight from Dubai International Airport to London Heathrow the cost is from £4.17 ($1.14), rising to £15.99 ($4.35) for First Class. The rates vary depending on the class of seat you book and which carbon offsetting program you prefer. Users can then pay the fee using a credit card or Paypal.